Prof the Hon. Stephen Martin

Chairman, Advisory Panel

Innovative ideas coming together, with great passion, technical and legal expertise and an opportunity seized, is how SmartLaw was born.

The landscape of many professions and industries are fast changing and to some extent being disrupted because of the advances in IT. The future will be defined by 5G technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain amongst others. These changes have begun to reshape the future of even traditional industries like the legal profession.

Our aim at building LegalTech solutions was to develop smart solutions for the legal industry to serve both lawyers and clients alike and to provide better access to the legal industry.

SmartLaw is a pioneer in the region and potentially globally, to have developed these innovative solutions for predicting sentencing outcomes for eg criminal offences, as well as for contested divorce as well as in providing instance access to the most relevant legal decisions and precedents.

SmartLaw will continue to innovate by developing other intelligent solutions for other areas of legal practice and for other jurisdictions.

Thanks for visiting our website and exploring our offerings. We welcome inquiries from Law firms on our offerings and/or for potential collaborations. I congratulate Dr. Anton Ravindran and the team of experts at SmartLaw in developing these innovative solutions.