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SmartLaw Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers and Clients

We leverage from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and legal domain expertise to build smart solutions that assist lawyers and clients to predict sentencing outcomes of complex litigious matters in an unprecedented few minutes, at speeds and in volumes far beyond human capacity. Designed and developed by lawyers, Data Scientists, AI and IT experts.


In addition, SmartLaw also provides ancillary services for visitors to the site/clients by leveraging from several online services as well as by connecting you with lawyers for your specific legal needs. For lawyers, it is also serves as a platform to promote themselves or their areas of practice by leveraging from virtual technology.

AI for Legal Research, eDiscovery, Contract Analysis & Predicting Sentencing Outcomes

AI for E-Discovery

SmartLaw’s E-Discovery module leverages from deep learning natural language processing (NLP) algorithms which are trained upon large corpus of historical data (i.e.Big-Data) for criminal law and divorce matters. The system uses semantic analysis with our deep learning NLP proprietary models to extract the most relevant precedents (verdicts) in split seconds.

Sentencing Predictor

SmartLaw’s Predictor module leverages from machine learning algorithms which are built based on historical data (previous verdicts) to predict sentencing outcomes for criminal and divorce matters. Our trained machine learning proprietary models analyze the complex relationship among the indicators provided to predict the likely sentencing outcomes (verdicts) in split seconds.

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SmartLaw is a LegalTech firm that leverages from AI/ML technologies to assist lawyers and clients in legal complex matters. We are not a law firm.