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SmartLaw was conceived to “democratize” and to provide wider access to legal services. Having more money should NOT mean delivering better justice. SmartLaw, founded by IT experts, Data Scientists and Lawyers, leveraging from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, have built smart solutions that assist lawyers, in house counsels and their clients.

SmartLaw’s AI based proprietary Contract Analysis & Review module offers 3 key features in analyzing and reviewing complex and voluminous contracts and agreements in split seconds. Thus saving valuable time and legal resources from reviewing and analyzing contracts, while ensuring a higher degree of accuracy in reviewing contracts

SmartLaw AI solutions can sift through the most relevant references and judgments from tens of 1000s of previous verdicts as well as predict sentencing outcomes for complex litigation matters in an unprecedented few minutes, at speeds and in volumes far beyond human capacity. SmartLaw also provides ancillary online legal services for the layman such as: Uncontested Divorce; Lasting Power of Attorney; Protection From Harassment (POHA) amongst others.

SmartLaw will continue to invent and introduce new LegalTech solutions by leveraging from AI and Machine Learning for other areas of law in Singapore and in other jurisdictions in the coming months.

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