AI for Medical Negligence

AI for Medical Negligence

SmartLaw’s proprietary law research technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and provides two primary functionalities in predicting sentencing outcomes and evaluating the relevancy of previous precedents and verdicts in preparing a successful defence, at speed and accuracy beyond human capacity. 

  • AI Sentence Predictor
  • AI Precedents Evaluator

SmartLaw Sentence Predictor

Learns from previous sentencing verdicts and judgement outcomes. The trained neural brain can predict sentencing outcomes for complex Medical Negligence cases in an unprecedented few second.

Smart Law Precedents Evaluator

Thoroughly analyses the complex relationship amongst all text information within each past law report/precedents uploaded, to determine if the report/precedent is relevant to the lawyers in preparing a successful defence or mounting/defending a divorce claim. The prediction is achieved at speed and accuracy beyond human capability.

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