Protection from Harassment Act

Protection from Harassment Act (POHA)

Applications for Protection Orders, Expedited Protection Orders against parties who are not legally married to each other and Orders for Non-Publication of Confidential Information

  • Against online or offline harassment or sexual harassment
  • Engaging in threatening, abusive behaviour for eg like stalking
  • Doxxing (publishing information about identity of a individual on social media which exposes a person to harassment, danger, alarm or distress )

Protection from Harassment Act (POHA)

This is an act that allows a victim of harassment to get relief from the courts if they have been victims of threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour, a victim of doxing or under threat of their personal information such as photographs or personal details being disclosed or any other acts similar in nature


What can be considered harassment under POHA?

Threatening to disclose personal information of others without their consent or online vigilantism

Stalking an individual

Making repeated phone calls

Recipient of abusive written communication

Cyber bullying

online threats and abuse

How can you protect yourself from harassment under POHA?

Protection Order

Expedited Protection Order

Non-Publication order

Stop Publication Order

General Correction Order

Correction Order

Disabling Order

Targeted Correction Order

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