Probate – No Will

Applicant's affidavit



Applicant to do the following at the service Bureau located at the Supreme Court or Chinatown Point

  • Step 1: Do caveat search on elit
  • Step 2: File Renunciation, if applicable **
  • Step 3: Compose Exparte Originating Summons (Probate) on E-Litigation System
  • Step 4: Compose Statement on E-litigation system
  • Step 5: File Certified True copy of Death Cert
  • Step 6: File Applicant’s Affidavit (with exhibits)
  • Step 7: File Admin Oath
  • Step 8: Wait for Court Approval
  • Step 9: File Schedule of Assets
  • Step 10: Wait for Court to Approve
  • Step 11 : Outcome of Probate application
  • Step 12: Step 10: Do caveat search on elit
  • Step 13: Request for extraction of grant (the document that allows the applicant to claim the deceased assets)


** Renunciation (only if applicable)  – if person who has a better right to apply does not want to then must use  this form

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